If your business generates large volumes of trash, such as a factory, warehouse or grocery store, a roll-off compactor is an economical way to reduce waste removal costs. Compactors cut down transportation costs by reducing trips to the disposal facility. Contact us if you'd like more information.

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Stationary compactors are installed permanently at customer locations. An enclosed dumpster is connected, then detached when loaded and hauled away to be emptied. Stationary compactors are ideal for dry waste such as cardboard, packaging and banding, light wood, and plastics.

Waste Solutions will provide you rental and installation of a compactor unit that fits your needs or if you already have a compactor unit, we will provide a 30- or 40-yard compactor receiver dumpster. Call us to talk more.

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Self-Contained compactor and container are a complete unit. When the container is full, the unit is hauled away to be emptied. This helps keep the loading area clean and free of spilled liquids and debris, all waste is contained inside the container and compactor. Self-contained compactors are ideal for wet waste, such as food waste from grocery stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities and factories.

Waste Solutions will provide customers with the rental and maintenance of a self-contained compactor unit to fit their needs. And we will also provide a 20- or 30-yard self-contained compactor. 

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